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The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

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Shirakaba Shikayo/Emoto Mashimesa/Akaneko

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What starts as a trial marriage between a rural count and a soldier blooms into a laid-back life of hunting & fine food!
Ritzhardt, a cheerful man from a poor noble family that governs a land of extreme cold, and Sieglinde, a soldier who earned the nickname 'The Crimson Eagle'.
Ritzhardt meets Sieglinde at a party one night and falls in love at first sight, proposing to her on the spot. She proposes a counter offer: A one year trial marriage.
Little by little the distance between the two closes as they live peacefully together in their snowy land. Will they really get married in the end? Mother nature watches over this 'trial couple' as their awkward yet charming love story unfolds.

Author’s Information


Series/Label PASH! Comics
Released Date Oct 2018
Price ¥630
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 180 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784391152548
Category Manga (Shojo)
Visualization experience NO