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The Motivational Brain

Toshinori Kato

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The people who has the ability to take action, talk efficiently, make decision promptly and be good at learning. The difference between those people and those who spend too much time doing nothing is the way the brain works. In this book, the author who is an advocate of brain number training introduces " the reason why people get motivated " and " tips on how to use and train your brain to get motivated ". Anyone can be active at any age with daily habits and a little training.
"In this book, you will learn how to change your brain chemistry by identifying the immature parts of your brain based on the various tendencies of people who are indecisive, have little fun, are stubborn, are reluctant to communicate, and are sloppy. .....

Author’s Information

Born in Niigata Prefecture. Brain physician, Ph. D. in Medicine. Director of Kato Platinum Clinic. President of "Brain School" Co. Visiting professor at Showa University. Expert in developmental brain science and MRI brain imaging. Advocate of brain number training. He has diagnosed and treated more than 10,000 people from children to the very elderly.
In 1991, he discovered the fNIRS method which is measuring brain activity used in over 700 facilities worldwide. Furthermore, he discovered hippocampal gyrus retardation, which is related to developmental disorders such as ADHD and communication disorders. Currently, he has established the Kato Platinum Clinic, where he diagnoses the brain's stage of growth, the brain's strengths and weaknesses, and prescribes brain training that does not rely on drugs alone, using the Kato Method of MRI brain imaging.

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Released Date May 2020
Price ¥1,400
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 240 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784799109076
Category Medicine/Nursing
Visualization experience NO