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Bun-Ichi Sogo Shuppan Co.

The Handbook of Seabirds

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Yoshitaka Minowa/Yoshiya Odaya

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This field guide provides details of 92 species of seabirds which can be seen or expected in Japan. Seabirds included are: Podicipedidae, Phaethontidae, Gaviidae, Diomedeidae, Procellariidae, Hydrobatidae, Fregatidae, Sulidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Phalaropus, Stercorariidae, and Alcidae (from the Check-list of Japanese Birds 7th revised edition). The author gives a closer look at the differences in plumage by age, sex and season. It also includes birds with worn-out feathers or in the process of moulting. All illustrations are newly drawn for the book. They clearly show the points to distinguish similar species and point out how to identify species from another by their posture or behavior. In addition, the author compares and describes commonly confused species, and for especially frequently mistaken birds, photographs are used to show their differences. Each article covers moulting period, breeding period, distribution, observation frequency and more. As for seabirds, this handbook exceeds the information of major field guides.

Author’s Information

Yoshitaka Minowa, a scientific illustrator specializing in birds enjoys bird watching and counting at waterfronts in Chiba. He holds an exhibition of his works regularly and is an author of numerous publications in the area of birds.
Yoshiya Odaya is a bird ringer and works as a curator at the Abiko City Museum of Birds. He is interested in morphology, molting and life histories of seabirds and birds in wetlands, especially Snipes and Eurasian Woodcock.

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Released Date Oct 2020
Price ¥1,800
Size 103mm×182mm
Total Page Number 104 pages
Color Page Number 104 pages
ISBN 9784829981665
Category Craft and Hobbies/Art/Cook Book
Visualization experience NO