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The Complete Guide to Yoga for Body Circulation

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Relieves discomforts such as stiff shoulders, a feeling of cold, constipation, and swelling.
By stretching the meridians where acupuncture points meet, the effectiveness of yoga poses will be greatly enhanced!

This is a new method that combines the wisdom of Oriental medicine with yoga, which allows you to experience the comfort of a body and mind with good blood circulation!
This book is written by an acupuncturist who is in charge of "Anatomy of Yoga," which attracts many people, in a way that is easy for beginners to understand.

Each chapter contains an "INDEX" for each problem or disorder.
You can easily find the poses you need according to your problems and ailments, such as stiff shoulders, stiff neck, headache, feeling of cold, swelling, and tired eyes!

Let's feel the circulation of the body.
Basic Knowledge of Oriental Medicine
1 Life force, blood, and colourless bodily fluids (three elements that constitute an organism according to traditional Chinese medicine) flow when the five organs and six internal organs work in balance.
2 Meridians (acupuncture points) that facilitate and regulate the flow of circulation
3 The relationship between Yin and Yang theory and the flow of meridians

Part1: Yoga for pressure points at the office
Experience the benefits of oriental medicine and yoga through simple poses that can be done while sitting. This class aims to further promote blood circulation by using special acupuncture points where energy is particularly concentrated among the meridians that run through the body. If you do this on the spot when you feel stiff, tired, or uncomfortable at work, you will feel refreshed, which is different from just stretching.
It will make your yoga experience even more effective! Explanation of the special acupuncture point "Source (Yuan) point" of the 12 meridians.

Part2 Meridian Yoga
Meridian Yoga is a fusion of the wisdom of Eastern medicine and the benefits of yoga. It aims to improve the circulation of meridians by channeling "spirit" into stagnant meridians. The main feature is that the meridians corresponding to the "five organs and six internal organs" that affect mental and physical health are divided into eight zones, and these zones are stretched out with deep breathing. Another key feature is that you can choose poses according to your constitution, physical condition, and purpose.
What poses do you need? CHECK test to see if your meridians are clogged (pathways in the hands and feet)
Sun Salutations by pathway and warm-up to increase the effectiveness of Meridian Yoga
Detailed introduction of poses for each zone

Part3 Moxa Yoga
Moxibustion is a traditional treatment method of Oriental medicine whose theory was established in ancient China over 2000 years ago. The stimulation of acupuncture points is effective for acute conditions, but more effective for chronic conditions. The warmth of the stimulation permeates the meridians, loosening and warming the body. Unwind your tired body and mind with relaxing poses that suit your purpose.
Taught directly by an acupuncturist! How to do Moxa Yoga
Moxa Guide for Beginners
Moxa Yoga Q&A

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ISBN 9784296107735
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