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Once upon a time there was a wizard with hair sparkling like a nebula and pupils filled with stars... Unlike those who usually inhabit tales of children's books, this one had only one magic, unique in its kind: he could turn the glow of life into a gem! Throughout his interminable life, he was the helpless spectator of countless dramas and many comedies... And each time, it is when life shone with its most beautiful brilliance that the most beautiful of gems was formed. ...Let us tell you the stories they contain...

Author’s Information

Yuzuko Hoshimi uses here the codes of the children's book tale and its graphic style to tackle much more mature subjects over four fully colored stories, sweet yet bitter. Story to story, she shows the radiance of life springing from anywhere, even the darkest darkness. Sometimes cruel, often tragic, each of them nonetheless exudes tenderness, but also love for their neighbor.

Series/Label MAGICA
Released Date Nov 2020
Price ¥1,400
Size 148mm×210mm
Total Page Number 192 pages
Color Page Number 192 pages
ISBN 9784479671138
Genre Manga > All Manga
Visualization experience NO