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That spring. I was locked out of all my places. All routine had stopped. How hard it was! How small, defenseless, and scattered we were! Is everyone going to be okay? No way, right? So, after the summer of the ...... Corona disaster, I set out on a bicycle trip to see what was important to me that I had neglected in my daily life. There.

After the state of emergency was declared, I went on a tour of the Kii Peninsula with the husband and son of my best friend from college, over the summer of 2020. To fulfill a promise I made to my best friend who lost her life at a young age, and for her son who grew up as a single parent to get to know his mother in a new way. This book is a heartwarming road-movie style novel, with a hint of the emotions of the ice age generation who became parents. Not only the scenery of daily life, but also the lifestyle has changed. I had to change. In order to reset or get back on track, let's find out once again what is important to us that we have pushed to the bottom of our memories, and move forward anew. The Corona disaster has left us with a gaping hole in our lives. Everyone's stock of energy is gone. But that's why ...... the story of a few days' journey in which each person found the little things they needed to live.

Author’s Information

Born in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture in 1970. After graduating from the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Letters, Nanzan University, she worked as an office worker. Currently works part-time at an AI venture in Tsukuba City. Debuted as a writer after winning the 11th Nikkei Novel Award for "Tokyo Bushin Biyori.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Feb 2021
Price ---
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 252 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784532171599
Category Literature/Nonfictions/Culture/Humanities
Visualization experience NO