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Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.,

An Introduction to Kirigami: The Art of Paper Cutting

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Mari Kumada

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Folding, cutting, and then opening up a piece of paper into an unexpected beautiful design is the allure of “kirigami.” This book breaks down kirigami into 7 simple folds and teaches them from step one. Great for beginners. All patterns are to scale. Popular patterns included: animals, flowers, plants, vegetables, fruits, doilys, motifs for all season, miscellaneous items, etc. Also includes ideas to use your kirigami: cards, wrappings, stationary, room and table decorations, gifts, etc

Author’s Information

Mari Kumada
Craft creator, illustrator. Primarily focused on crafts, Kumada works in embroidery, needle work, clay sculpting and more, and is frequently involved in hand-crafting books and magazines.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Jun 2019
Price ¥1,200
Size 182mm×257mm
Total Page Number 120 pages
Color Page Number 120 pages
ISBN 9784074377541
Category Craft and Hobbies/Art/Cook Book
Visualization experience NO