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Pharmacy in Another World

Open for Visual Adaption
Liz Takayama(Auther)/keepout(Illustrations)

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A fantasy about helping people in a different world with cheats and modern pharmacology, which is very popular on the web, opens today!
A young pharmacist who was so absorbed in his research died of exhaustion.
When he wakes up, he has been reincarnated as Falma, the son of the de Medicisfamily, a renowned court pharmacist who specializes in treating royalty and nobility. However, Falmadespairs at the medical practices of this world, which are rife with wrong cures, potion preparations, spells and charms that cannot be called medical practices.
"I have to do something, for the sake of the people of this world."
In addition to the modern pharmacology that he cultivated in his previous life, he has acquired the cheat ability "Material Creation and Material Erasure" in the other world.
Making full use of these abilities, Falmafought against all kinds of illnesses, from his mother's back pain to the Empress' death.
Then, in order to deliver truly effective medicines to a wide range of people, he opened the "Otherworld Pharmacy" with his servant girl, Lotte, and his tutor, the beautiful Eren. What is Falma'sgoal there?

Author’s Information

He is a researcher working on cancer research. "I want to do my best to overcome the disease, both in fiction and in real life," he says, determined to be both a writer and a researcher.

Series/Label MF Books
Released Date Jan 2016
Price ¥1,200
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 324 pages
Color Page Number 4 pages
ISBN 9784040680477
Category Paperback pocket edition(shinsho, novels)
Visualization experience YES (Comic, TV animation)