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Tosuisha Co., Ltd.

King’s Beauty

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Togawa Mitomo

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The story takes place in an imaginary world called the Western Continent. In that world, people with golden eyes are called "cursed Auro" and are killed as soon as they are born. Epine, a golden-eyed girl who miraculously survived, lives in the dark forest with her two wolves to avoid being found.
Epine's fate begins to change dramatically when a group of bandits headed by a warlike king nicknamed “Son of Hades” settle in the forest and eventually discover her. The king, realizing her intelligence, does not kill her, but rather takes her back to his castle...
As Epine grows, so does her intelligence. Follow the story of how her beauty and brilliance brings peace to the world and those around her!

Author’s Information

Togawa Mitomo, the author of this book, made her debut with "True Blue". Her best-known works include "King's Beauty" and "Heavenly Tribute Princess". She is currently working on "Roses of the Seven Kingdoms".

Series/Label Tosuisha Manga
Released Date Oct 2010
Price ¥630
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 174 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784864230384
Category Manga (Shojo)
Visualization experience NO