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HORI Kimitoshi

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Are those skills still relevant?

A 50-skill inventory you can learn in 3 hours.

People don't realize that they don't have skills that can be used in other companies until they are thinking about changing jobs.
This is a common pattern among businesspersons who work for long-term, membership-based Japanese companies.
In a business environment that is likely to shift to job-based employment, it is necessary to first understand the overall picture of the skills required for work.

This book visually introduces 50 business skills that are necessary regardless of the type of job, divided into five categories: thinking, interpersonal, organizational, operational, and intellectual production.
Each skill is presented in four pages, explaining the standard concept of the skill, the specific skill set, and the starting point for acquiring the skill.

Readers will be able to comprehensively organize the skills they already have and the skills they need to acquire in the future, and will be able to answer questions such as, "What skills will help me do my job better? What skills do I need to acquire in the future? and "What skills do I want to acquire in the future?

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Series/Label ---
Released Date Jul 2021
Price ---
Size 148mm×210mm
Total Page Number 256 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784532324131
Category Business/Economics/Law
Visualization experience NO