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Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Management by All 13 Case Studies in High Performance Workplaces


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JAL: The essence of "Management by All" in Inamori's management
Yamato Transport--The whole and parts of a company become similar
Seven & i: Thorough adherence to the seven-way "model" creates a hit
Ryohin Keikaku: Revival by transforming the corporate culture into one that works by structure
Mirai Kogyo: No quotas, No reporting and consultation, but high profits

The book reveals the conditions common to highly profitable workplaces, the shape of the organization, and the methods of human resource development.

The book is based on the book "Management for All" published in January 2015.
In the future, the nature of corporate management is expected to change from a system in which leadership is exercised by top executives with superior abilities to a system in which autonomous, decentralized leaders who are active on the front lines exercise their abilities and make decisions according to the situation at hand.
JAL, for example, used to have a widespread sense of being a bystander as a negative effect of its hierarchical organization. With the introduction of Mr. Inamori's philosophy and amoeba education, the ultimate fractal organization (a state in which the whole and parts are formed in a similar manner) was created, in which each individual makes decisions and executes them with the awareness of a manager.
MUJI, too, used to be a company where each individual was assigned a job, and each person's work was "invisible" and information was not shared. When the business performance was poor, the responsibility was attributed to the individual and the organization stopped thinking. However, the company achieved a V-shaped recovery by visualizing all store operations, standardizing them, and transforming them into an organization that operates on a system. In the process, the company created a 2,000-page "Business Standards Manual," which was compiled with the participation of all employees by thoroughly listening to the voices of the stores in the field.
In this book, Mr. Katsumi, a journalist, introduces the case studies, and Professor Nonaka is in charge of the commentary, introducing the excellent knowledge creation activities in a documentary style.

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Released Date Nov 2017
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Size 127mm×188mm
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ISBN 9784532198404
Category Business/Economics/Law
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