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The Case of the Neighborhood Angel Turning Into a Degenerate Unaware

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Vexing and Sweet Romantic Comedy That a Boy is Enchanted by Caring Neighbor
In the next room of Amane Fujimiya’s in the apartment, the school’s number one lovable angel Mahiru Shiina is living . They didn’t interact each other, but when Amane lent an umbrella to Mahiru in the rain, a wonderful interaction of them has begun. This is a slow-tempo romantic story that doesn’t develop into a love relationship hardly.

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Author’s Information


Series/Label GA Bunko
Released Date Jun 2019
Price ¥600
Size 105mm×148mm
Total Page Number 280 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784815602482
Category Paperback edtion (Light Novels)
Visualization experience YES (Comicalized)