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The Redo Revolution of Princess Blue Rose

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Roku Kaname/Hazuki Futaba

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It is the night of the Star Festival, celebrating the founding of the proud and historic Kingdom of Hyland. Queen Alicia was supposed to have lost her life when she was pierced through the chest by the revolutionary army that stormed the castle.
One day, at the age of ten, Princess Alicia suddenly regains her memories of the Night of the Revolution, and realizes that she is living a life of redo. What awaits Alicia in her confusion is a reunion with the mysterious and beautiful young man, Clovis, who caused her death in her previous life.

As fate would have it, the princess is given a "second chance" at life, and in order to change the future of destruction, she stands with Clovis, the princess's aide as well as the ringleader of the revolution!

Author’s Information


Series/Label PASH! BOOKS
Released Date Nov 2017
Price ¥1,200
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 294 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784391150919
Category Paperback edtion (Light Novels)
Visualization experience NO