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The Fantasy world, "Earth Clear".
Each person who is born in this world is given a role that defines his/her living.
Royal family, the brave, sage, warrior, martial artist, monk, magician…
And the weakest role, the "villager," exists only to enrich and develop the world.

The villagers, who have no fighting skills, are just only protected in this world where monsters are everywhere.
But one day, one of villagers who are thought to have LV10 on average reaches the maximum LV999.

A villager, Kagami has reached the apotheosis and can no longer find a value in anything other than making money. Then, he meets a girl, Alice who is Mazoku, enemy of human being who must be destroyed.
A villager named "Kagami", who has reached the extreme and can no longer find value in anything other than earning money, meets a demon girl named "Alice", an enemy of humanity who must be destroyed.
Due to this encounter, Kagami finds new value and takes a dangerous path to fight against the destiny of the world….

Author’s Information


Series/Label Hobby Shoseki
Released Date Apr 2016
Price ¥1,200
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 380 pages
Color Page Number 4 pages
ISBN 9784047341173
Category Paperback edtion (Light Novels)
Visualization experience YES