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The lion of the frontier dotes on the lapis lazuli rose.

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Marono/Kei Misawa/Yoimachi

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Sarisha, a beautiful woman with lapis lazuli eyes, was raised as a candidate for the crown prince.
However, she is not taken seriously as a queen, and is also involved in an incident that leaves her with a back serious injury.

She is disappointed when Cecilio, a powerful frontier count, appears before her.
This man with a large body and an uncharacteristically taciturn atmosphere suddenly asks her to marry him.
"Why do you want me with my scar?" Sarisha was puzzled, but .......

If I show you my ugly scars, will you leave?
The doting romance between a strong soldier and a beautiful woman with a problem begins!

Author’s Information


Series/Label PASH! Comics
Released Date Nov 2021
Price ¥630
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 178 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784391156782
Category Manga (Shojo)
Visualization experience NO