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Harmonize mind and body “Kikuchi Method of Workout”The Ultimate exercises by 85 year₋old instructor


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Even doctors are amazed!
How to develop a young brain and body for life!

This book will help you prevent and improve your health problems!

You don't have to work out, you don't have to work hard.
But by paying attention to your body and using your brain to move your body, you can keep your brain and body young for a lifetime.
That's what Kikuchi Taisou-Kikuchi Method of Workout all about.
At the age of 85, Kazuko Kikuchi has traveled to Africa and Cuba, walking with a brisk posture.
The very image of Ms. Kazuko Kikuchi is the evidence of the Kikuchi Method of Workout.
The essence of 50 years of Kikuchi Method of Workout, devised with the brain, nerves, and muscles in mind, is packed into this book.
There are 40 methods in total.
Here are the exercises that will surely rejuvenate you!

≪Main contents≫

Chapter1 What is Kikuchi Taisou?
  Part1 Exercises to become aware of your own body
  Part2 Exercises to connect your brain and body
    5 Principles of "Kikuchi Taisou
  Part3 Practice! These are the three basic movements
    Sitting on the floor for a long time, ankle rotation, and sit-ups looking at your belly button
  Part4 There is a class where only men can do the exercises
  The Kikuchi Word Book The words that Kazuko Kikuchi has been passing on

Chapter2 【Practical】Middle-aged and elderly people's body problems are solved by "Kikuchi Method of Workout"!
  Part1 Metabolic Syndrome: I want to do something about my flabby belly and visceral fat.
  Part2 Locomotive Syndrome: I've been stumbling more and more lately...
  Part3 Menopausal disorders: Lack of motivation... Could it be menopause?
  Part4 Stiff shoulders and tired eyes are really painful...
  Part5 Sleep problems and feeling tired even after sleeping...
  Part6 Back pain: I'm about to give up on my painful back pain...
  Part7 Bad posture: I want to do something about my hunchback that makes me look old...
  Part8 Hip joint discomfort: Is my hip joint getting stiff?
  Part9 Urinary problems: Frequent urination, urine leakage... I'm in trouble!
  Part10 Forgetfulness: Is this forgetfulness serious?

Chapter3 [Stories] We were surprised too! Experiences of 6 middle-aged and elderly people

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Series/Label ---
Released Date Nov 2019
Price ---
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 240 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784296104567
Category Craft and Hobbies/Art/Cook Book
Visualization experience NO