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The lovers who have the secret want the ordinary days.

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Because we're lovers there's thing I definitely don't want him/her to find out!

Hiori Karasuma, who spends her days happily with her boyfriend Shigure Imuro, is a high school girl who has a secret identity as an "elite hitman".
While Hiori desperately hides her true identity, Imuro, on the other hand, also has a secret: he is actually a "combat android."
While living their high school life with their friends who also have a secret, disturbing movements begin to occur around them!
A new kind of love comedy with youth and battles is starting now!

Author’s Information


Series/Label Liluct Comics
Released Date Jun 2022
Price ¥910
Size 148mm×210mm
Total Page Number ---
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784866575605
Category Manga (Shojo)
Visualization experience NO