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FUNDAMENTALS and TECHNICS of MARKETING ― 83 Ways to Maximize Web Marketing Outcomes

Katsuhisa Kinoshita

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"Finish reading this book can help you master both fundamentals and technics of marketing and become a leading web marketer."
TSE Prime Market listed president and active marketer,
who established a company listed for 4 consecutive years with the highest rate of stock price appreciation in Japan from scratch, full released all 83 methods to maximize the Outcomes of web marketing.
[Fundamentals of Marketing]
To design communication by analyzing the product itself, target users, and consumer insights. In other words, it is a communication design method based on human emotions.
[Technics of Marketing]
Design communication with customers from data that can be analyzed numerically, such as click through rate, conversion rate, and purchase rate. It is a method to operate business by calculating profits per yen via digital data.

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Series/Label ---
Released Date May 2022
Price ¥1,800
Size ---
Total Page Number 316 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784408650043
Category Business/Economics/Law
Visualization experience NO