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Secrets of the Cosmos Known Only to Truly Happy People

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OHKI Yukino

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Happiness is omnipresent.

Even if you chase it,
Even if you fail to catch it,
Even if you don’t meet all the requirements,
It’s because you were happy from the start…

Surely, you too
Will realize that
When you graduate from this earthly realm.

Every moment of life I experienced
Was happiness.

With her popular blog Lifeshift getting three million page views a month, author Yukino Ohki felt now was the time she wanted to share the truths of the cosmos.

Over the years, Yukino Ohki has received many spiritual messages, such as “Trust in the cosmos!” and had her prayers, such as “Gods! I hate to work hard, but show me the way to great success,” answered.
She has now shared the laws of the cosmos that form the basis of the know-how she has accumulated until now.

The meaning does not lie in gaining something or the realization of some desire such as getting rich, succeeding, or getting married; simply remembering that you are already happy is enough.

The objective is not to read for knowledge or information but to feel what you read. This is a book that you can savor reading over and over.

Author’s Information

Yukino Ohki is a navigator who trusts in the cosmos and runs a popular blog on Ameblo. She has been an elementary school teacher and a copywriter, and started working in the spiritual world through publicity by an educational institution for cultivating national leaders. She has held workshops and conducts courses throughout the country. At present, she is focusing on her writing while holding occasional workshops when possible. Her many books include The Way of Life You Cannot Catch and Hold (Kobunsha), The Book on Living Life Well by Letting it Flow, as Taught to Me by the Cosmos (Koyokan), and By Just Writing Notes of Trust in the Cosmos, Your Every Wish Will Be Accommodated (SB Creative).

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Released Date Jul 2019
Price ¥1,500
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number ---
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ISBN 9784198648848
Category Technology/Engineering/Computers
Visualization experience NO