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Mejirobana no Saku

Asumiko Nakamura

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Ruby is a sophomore at a prestigious girls' boarding school. Christmas vacation is approaching and her classmates are very excited, but she is feeling down. She's unable to go home for the vacation because her parents are going to discuss their divorce.
One day Ruby sees Stephanie Naji, a senior, in the principal's office. She is a tall, beautiful girl who is called "Steph of Steel" because of her very level-headed personality and her left leg, which is rumored to be prosthetic. Ruby and Steph are the only two staying in the dormitory during the Christmas vacations.
On Christmas Eve, they unexpectedly reveal their pasts and true feelings to each other. From that day on, they gradually get to know each other...
This is the author's first full-length girls' love story that delicately depicts how these two contrasting girls fall in love!

Author’s Information


Series/Label Le Paradis
Released Date Sep 2019
Price ¥700
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 160 pages
Color Page Number 4 pages
ISBN 9784592711568
Category Manga (BL/Yuri)
Visualization experience NO