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The Art of Not Being Misled by Numbers

Shintaro Fukazawa

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90% customer satisfaction, twice as effective, 10 best colleges for job placement.......
Sweet numbers might have lies (traps) in them!
Sales targets, year-over-year comparisons, average annual income, and review scores, ratings, and number of infected patients....... We are surrounded by numbers.
But can we really trust those numbers?
The author, a popular business math educator, explains "the art of reading numbers correctly" with exercises and examples in this book.
As you enjoy reading this book, you will easily learn to "see the world correctly" as you enjoy reading the book.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Art of Reading Numbers Correctly (Basic)
Chapter 2: The Art of Reading Numbers Correctly (Practical)
Chapter 3: Deciphering the "human psychology" behind the numbers
Chapter 4: For all people who deal with "numbers

Author’s Information

Business Mathematics Educator
Graduated from Nihon University, Graduate School of Comprehensive Basic Sciences. Master of Science (Mathematics). He was the first person in Japan to be certified as a Level 1 AAA Business Mathematics Test. After working as a teacher at a preparatory school and in a managerial position at a foreign-affiliated company, he became an independent training instructor. With his unique teaching methods, he dramatically changes the thinking and communication of businesspersons who have difficulty with numbers and logical thinking.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Oct 2022
Price ¥800
Size 105mm×148mm
Total Page Number 256 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784296115365
Category Business/Economics/Law
Visualization experience NO