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  Mari Tanaka, an office worker who loves eating delicious food more than anything else, was transported to another world on her way home from work one day. Bewildered by the light-novel-like atmosphere, she decided to identify herself as Marie and to pursuit of a stable eating habit until she returns to her original world.
 However, in the other world, the Demon King has been defeated and the plants and animals have just returned to their original state. People are confused by the unfamiliar shapes of the ingredient, and a crisis of food shortages is rising due to people's bad eating habits.
"Are you guys stupid or something--?"
 If the ingredients are there, I'll cook it deliciously and eat it! Marie who doesn't consider not eating as an option, will give solutions to the problem using her earthly cooking method--!
Enjoy this starving girl's otherworldly culinary fantasy!

Author’s Information


Series/Label ArianRose
Released Date Apr 2018
Price ¥1,200
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number ---
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784866571140
Genre Literature / Novel > Light Novel
Visualization experience NO