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When Cordelia was three years old, she was sick with a high fever and suddenly remembered the memory from her previous life.
"I've been reborn as Cordelia, the villainess in an Otome game."
What awaits Cordelia is a future of destruction ......, but it can be avoided if she avoids contact with the prince.
"But it would be such a shame to spend my life only avoiding the prince when I have been reborn so prettily!"
Cordelia decides to use the knowledge of medicinal herbs she has cultivated in her previous life to improve herself.
The challenging tale of the "KAORINO REIJO" which is popular on the web, has now begin with a newly written episode included!

Author’s Information


Series/Label ArianRose
Released Date Jul 2016
Price ¥1,200
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number ---
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784861348976
Category Paperback edtion (Light Novels)
Visualization experience NO