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A collection of works that reveals the secret of the retro-modern girl's charm

Hiromi Matsuo depicts women in Japanese and Western clothing with a retro and classic world view. This book is a collection of her works, composed of her work pictures such as costume paintings and works created for exhibitions, plus her original works including those published in fanzines. She grasps the changes in fashion and lifestyle culture from the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa periods, adds her own modern interpretations and arrangements to them, and considers designs and decorations appropriate to them. The book also focuses on Matsuo's creations and introduces the design know-how that makes retro-modern women more attractive, with explanations by the artist herself.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Japanese Clothing, Retro Modern Exhibition Works / Works from "Magazine Rondo," "Waltz at Department Stores," and "Secret" / Original Works / Calendars and Goods Chapter 2: Book Design, Advertisements, and Work Pictures Book Design / Cocoon Series Book Design and Making of / Advertisement Illustrations Chapter 3: Design Magazine Design for "Magazine Rondo" / Collections of Works for Doujinshi Digest & Design / Logotype & Typography / Pattern Design / Costume, Accessories & Furniture Chapter 4 Making & Tips Cover Illustration Production Process / Rough Sketches (People, Kimono, Flowers, Plants, etc.) / Artist Interview

Author’s Information

Hiromi Matsuo
Born in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture in 1980. Based in Kobe, she began working as a freelance illustrator in 2010, and moved her base of activities to Okayama Prefecture in 2013. He draws women in Japanese and Western-style clothing with a classic Meiji, Taisho, and Showa-era worldview, and is highly popular not only in Japan but also overseas. Her book "ILLUSTRATION MAKING & VISUAL BOOK MATSUO Hiromi" (Shoei Publishing Co., Ltd.) and her books "Hyakkaten Waltz" and "Magazine Rondo" (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha, Ltd.)

Series/Label ---
Released Date Mar 2023
Price ¥2,600
Size 210mm×297mm
Total Page Number 144 pages
Color Page Number 144 pages
ISBN 9784768317310
Category Computer Game Book/ Artbook
Visualization experience NO