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Heartwarming stories that really happened at weddings

Open for Visual Adaption
Yamasaka Daisuke

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I have attended many weddings in the past, and each time I am always impressed by the previously unknown faces of my friends. Why is this? I have been thinking about it for some time now. I think I have found the answer to this question while working as the editor of this book. Mr. Yamasaka says, "A new family is born when a bride and groom make a decision, make a resolution, and greet each other. This is a very important time and place in the life of a marriage. The bride and groom, parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, colleagues, and many others gather in one place with warm feelings. I realized once again that I was able to be present in such a space where warm heart-to-heart exchanges are born, new families are formed, and stories are told. ...... This book is a collection of gems of episodes from people who witnessed such warm moments. We have already begun to receive letters from people who were moved by the stories. We would be happy if you could feel the warmth of people.

Author’s Information

Representative Director of UNPLUGGED, born August 12, 1970, photographed over 500 weddings as a wedding photographer in 1990, and joined Movie Planning Co. In 1994, he joined Movie Planning Co., Ltd. and Adic, Inc. where he was appointed as the general manager of the sales division after only six months with the company due to his outstanding sales performance. The following year, he launched "Art Direct Corporation" Wedding Photographer Agent and expanded nationwide, establishing a de facto standard business with annual sales of 1.5 billion yen in three years. 2001: Launched "Addic Weddings" Wedding Produce Business and expanded nationwide.

Series/Label Heart-warming series
Released Date Aug 2011
Price ¥1,300
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 215 pages
Color Page Number 215 pages
ISBN 9784860634759
Genre Nonfiction / Humanities > All Nonfiction/Humanities
Visualization experience NO