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Jompei and Me

Open for Visual Adaption
Kagaku Onishi

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Shigeru Kitami, a high school student who is not good at magic, manages to get through each day. However, when a new teacher is assigned to his school, his daily life begins to change drastically.
The story is leisurely and relaxed, but it leaves a strong impression on the heart. A heartwarming fantasy about a student living in a magical world and the people around him!

It is a world where magic exists on a daily basis. Kitami, a high school student who is not very good at magic, somehow manages to get through each day with his messenger, Jongpei, who does not seem to have much ability. The source of his worry is a practical magic exam scheduled for three weeks from now. One day, a new science teacher arrives at his high school. For Kitami, who is allowed to use the normally unused chemistry lab for personal use and to do chemistry experiments by himself, this is a big deal, as he may lose his precious place in the school. In reality, however, this was only the beginning of a big event. A heartwarming fantasy from "Onishi Kagaku," author of a fictional science text site. Commentary by Issui Ogawa is included at the end of the book.

Author’s Information


Series/Label ---
Released Date Sep 2006
Price ¥590
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 272 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784797337112
Category Literature/Nonfictions/Culture/Humanities
Visualization experience NO