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Intellectual Yakuza Who Embraces, Loves and Won’t Let Go!

Open for Visual Adaption
Hitoe Mabuta

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“Coming to a man’s bed unprotected... Such a naughty boy.” Kaede, who works at a restaurant, is fired for irrational reasons. But it just so happens that Rihito, a salaryman-like guy, (actually a member of the Yakuza) is there at the same time and offers Kaede to work at the hostess bar he runs. And so Kaede does! Later on, at Kaede’s welcoming party, Rihito who is not strong when it comes to alcohol, gets drunk... Kaede takes the unsteady Rihito home, and when trying to get him to the bed, Rihito pulls him in for a kiss...!! With their tongues intertwined, feeling his reasoning and body melting away, Kaede gets an erection just by that kiss and is drowning in the hot, enchanting pleasure...!? Being loved by the broad-mindedness of an adult...! The adult love of an idealistic intellectual Yakuza and hard-working beauty!

Author’s Information


Series/Label caramel
Released Date May 2023
Price ¥750
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 200 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 978-4-909699-83-1
Genre Manga > BL/TL/Yuri
Visualization experience NO