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Infinite number of great detectives

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Dividing by soup stock is the same as dividing by zero!
--The eighth grader Mashima Tadashi, who is a math whiz, solves the mystery of oden, a dish that has somehow gone bad! Case ÷ soup stock = birth of a great detective" (Kaoru Hayamine)

I don't believe in unscientific intuition, but I trust the words of my friends.
--(Hayami Kaoru) "I don't believe in unscientific intuition, but I trust my friend's word. Can the best friend duo of Shinta and Reiji restore the world to its original state? Stolen Zero" by Shogo Mukai

I know. Using this algorithm, I can find out who the 'lying bastard' is who is cheating everyone."
--The most popular girl in class 1 has been cursed! The one who solves the mystery is "the reclusive older sister" whose only friends are her smartphone and her younger brother? Algorithmic Reasoning of a Stay-at-Home Sis" by Inoue Masyu.

But I won't lose. Look at this. 142857 is a very interesting number.
--Sophie, a math-loving 13-year-old living in old France, and Mari, a math-phobic 14-year-old living in the modern age. Their friendship that transcends time and space gradually changes their future. Sophie, the Math Lover" (Hekihito Aoyagi)

Mase, you have used the magic of mathematics.
--Mase Hojo, an eighth grader, is obsessed with magic. In order to save her friend's father, who has been arrested for a crime he did not commit, Mase uses not magic but her own powers of calculation to solve the case. The Magic Eye" (manga by Motohiro Kato)

Author’s Information

【Series Introduction】Asahi Shimbun Publications, creator of the "Science Detective NAZONO SHINJITSU" series and the "Room" series by Kaoru Hayamine, is pleased to announce the first two books in its "Nazo Novel" series, a novel series to be published in full.

Series/Label Nazo Novel
Released Date Dec 2022
Price ¥1,100
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 240 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784023322301
Genre Children's Books > Others
Visualization experience NO