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Kamikey's gift origami that conveys feelings

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The series has sold over 200,000 copies! The long-awaited third volume from the author of Kamiky's Seasonal Origami!
"Gift Origami" for everyday life and special events.
For everyday communication, for important anniversaries, for events you want to enjoy together. Here we introduce origami works that convey feelings of gratitude, celebration and support.
You can write a message, make a pop-up card, or stick it on a board for decoration. Gift origami creations are sure to make both the present giver and receiver happy.
There are many new items, including 'Zodiac Girl', which is a perfect birthday present!
The 'Zodiac Girls', which depicts the 12 zodiac signs as 12 cute girls, is recommended as a birthday present!
In addition, many other new works for this book, which are not yet available on YouTube, are also introduced.

Author’s Information

Origami artist living in Sapporo; started YouTube in 2015. She has made about 350 videos of her original works. She used to be active as a handmade artist of knitted small items such as amigurumi (stuffed animals), but after raising a child, she fell in love with origami making. She has gained popularity for her world view of origami decorations, which utilises her sense as a former handmade artist, and for her easy-to-understand videos for beginners, as she had only folded origami cranes in the beginning. Her cute style and proposals for decorations combining her works are supported by mainly those from families with young women. She also offers her creative origami creations on social networking services such as Instagram and in magazines.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Dec 2021
Price ¥1,400
Size ---
Total Page Number 144 pages
Color Page Number 144 pages
ISBN 9784537219517
Genre Hobby > Entertainment
Visualization experience NO