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Poo Poo the Whale

Open for Visual Adaption
Text: Masakzu Hara, Illustraions: Kumiko Yamamoto

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Poo Poo, a whale who has just separated from his mother, is all alone. All the fish around him are afraid of him and run away. I wonder if he will make friends. Then, an unknown child approaches.
This is a picture book about plastic garbage thrown into the sea and the animals that live in the sea.

Author’s Information

Text: Masakazu Hara
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1972. Writer and editor. Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Economics. Her work "Usagi to Harinezumi, tokyo mo ihi" (Rabbit and Harinezumi, today is a good day) (illustrated by Eriko Ishikawa, Hidamarisha) won the 55th Japan Children's Literature Association New Writer's Award. Other works include "Father and Child Stories: 12 Months of Father and Child Stories" (published by Hon no Izumi Sha) and "Usagi to Harinezumi" (Rabbit and Harinezumi), the second in the series, "Kitto Aueru" (Surely We Will See You). His essay "How Fathers Feel" is serialized in "Fun Our Home," a monthly public relations magazine published by the National Association of Credit Unions. He runs "Yomu Yonde," a website of stories that both adults and children can enjoy. He is a director of the Japan Children's Literature Association.

Picture: Kumiko Yamamoto
Born in Maebashi in 1965 and currently lives in Tokyo. She graduated from Tama Art University and was selected for the Bologna International Picture Book Original Drawing Exhibition in 2003 and 2005. Her picture book works include "Maru wo Sagashite" and "Kinky" (Hidamarisha), "Jitensha Gasha Gasha" (Text by Kasaimari/ Ehon Juku Shuppan), and "Dosari Oyasai" (Text by Hisano Okawa/ Fukuinkan Shoten Kodomo no tomo Younger Edition). She is a member of the Japan Children's Book Artist Association.

Series/Label imagination unlimited
Released Date Aug 2023
Price ¥1,600
Size ---
Total Page Number 40 pages
Color Page Number 40 pages
ISBN 9784909809490
Genre Children's Books > Picture Books
Visualization experience NO