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AIM!! "MUSYOLIN" STAR 3 ─Prison dietitian makes healthy meals with inmates today too

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Keiko Kuriyanagi

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A story of the struggles of a nutritionist who jumped into a prison kitchen (cooking factory) without knowing anything about it, and male inmates who are beginners in cooking, and their efforts to make school lunches! --They say it's a ``dirty meal,'' but is it really that bad? --Who makes the prison food? --What kind of menu will be available? And so on. The unknown story of prison food is finally revealed! Prison lunches are said to be "stale food." In fact, the inmates themselves are the ones making them. Unaware of this, the author was assigned to work as a prison dietitian at Japan's smallest men's prison, where inmates with almost no experience in cooking were waiting for him. A number of unusual incidents occur when novice cooks take their cooking too seriously, such as pouring water over soaked potatoes to cool them down, or frozen croquettes exploding one after another. Despite many failures, the author, who is an active prison dietitian, and the inmates have worked through trial and error to make prison meals as healthy as possible, as tasty as possible, as simple as possible, and as exciting as possible. I've been piling it up. Now, the goal is to get Mushoran three stars! !

Author’s Information

Born in 1969 in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture. Registered dietitian (legal engineer/works at Okazaki Medical Prison). Graduated from Sugiyama Jogakuen University, Faculty of Home Economics (currently Faculty of Life Sciences). After working at a nursing home and hospital, she became interested in disease prevention. After giving birth and raising children, she started food education activities such as cooking classes and lectures. She taught a total of 1,000 elderly men in the ``Cooking Classes for Men'' held for 10 years. I find it rewarding when a novice man learns to cook and makes his family happy. In 2012, she passed the 30x hurdle in the prison's registered dietitian recruitment exam and was hired. Although there are many restrictions in prisons, we aim to provide ``exciting school lunches'' and conduct daily research with inmates to hear their ``delicious'' experiences.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Oct 2023
Price ¥1,500
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 236 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784022519061
Genre Nonfiction / Humanities > Essay
Visualization experience NO