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Akino Kondo

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Satono Kondo is an artist who works in a wide range of genres, including manga, paintings, animation, and essays.
In the fall of 2008, She moved to New York alone and started living alone overseas for the first time.
Despite being rare in this energetic metropolis, she have been slowly building my place for the past six years.
Living in an apartment, conversations with lovers and friends, menus at restaurants and cafes, the fashion of people passing by... A two-page spread, one-story style that captures everything from everyday life that will be forgotten if you don't write it down.
She'll draw it with Surprise, confusion, and joy of living in a foreign country...The ongoing New York life is here!

Gradually, gradually, this is my New York

Author’s Information

Born in Chiba in 1980. Cartoonist, artist. Debuted as a manga artist in 2000.
She has presented a wide variety of works, including animation, drawings, and essays, both domestically and internationally.
In 2010, the digest version of the animation "Ladybug's Story" was selected as one of the Top 25 at "YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video" (Guggenheim Museum).
In 2011, she presented the animation "KiyaKiya" at the solo exhibition "KiyaKiya" (Mizuma Art Gallery).
Her comics include ``Hakoniwa Mushi'' and ``Usual Story'' (both published by Seirin Kougeisha), ``Yoshio the Rabbit'' and ``Ako-san's Lover'' (1)-(4) (KADOKAWA), and the collection of works ``Satano Kondo''.
Her works include ``A collection of works'' (Nanarokusha), and a collection of essays ``Mysterious is a plain story'' (Nanarokusha). She
SHe lives in New York since 2008.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Apr 2015
Price ¥1,000
Size 210mm×297mm
Total Page Number 164 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784750514291
Genre Manga > All Manga
Visualization experience NO