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The Forbidden Play Comic edition

Open for Visual Adaption
Karuma Shimizu, Sanokakeru

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Naoto Ihara was leading a happy life with his wife, Miyuki, and their son, Haruto. However, shortly after fulfilling their long-held dream of buying a home, Miyuki loses her life in a traffic accident. Beside the despairing Naoto, Haruto claims, "I can bring Mama back to life," and buries a finger of Miyuki's corpse in the garden, fervently offering prayers.

Around the same time, a series of strange occurrences began unfolding around freelance video journalist Hiroko Kurasawa: "an elevator moving on its own with no one inside" and "a crow's dead body suddenly appearing in the room," among others.

Hiroko, a former colleague of Naoto, had once been suspected of having an affair with him by Miyuki. During that time, troubled by bizarre phenomena, Hiroko had been convinced that they were caused by a mysterious power possessed by Miyuki. Now, Hiroko believes that Miyuki is using that power against her once again, only to learn that Miyuki has already passed away.

In order to uncover the truth, Hiroko visits Naoto's house, where she witnesses an extremely abnormal sight... A genuine J-Horror where fear closes in.

Author’s Information

Sano Kakeru
Born in 1988 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Known for works such as "Yuruyuru Dangerous Creatures Picture Book" (published by Gakken). He also have experience in creating horror manga.

Shimizu Karuma
He was born in Nara Prefecture. An author and freelance writer, Karuma is a third-dan black belt in Aikido. In 2018, he received the grand prize at the 4th Hon no Sanagi Award for "The Forbidden play." His bibliography includes the "The Forbidden play" series, featuring titles such as "Fragment Woman" and "Taboo Girl" (published by Discover Bunko), as well as "Parasite Repeat" (published by Gentosha Bunko).

Series/Label The Forbidden Play
Released Date Aug 2023
Price ---
Size ---
Total Page Number 192 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 978-4799329795
Genre Manga > Others
Visualization experience NO (The novel version of "Forbidden Play" has been adapted into the live-action movie "Forbidden Play" released on September 2023. Directed by: Nakata Hideo, known for "Ring" and starring: Hashimoto Kanna and Shigeoka Daiki (Johnny's WEST))