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The popular work on the BL novel submission site has been made into a book with newly written SS and beautiful illustrations!

"Reiji...is he mine?"
Through public confession on TV and living together for a limited time,
His relationship with Reiji changes to a sense of distance that doesn't seem like a sex friend.
One day, Retsu, a senior I admired in the past, returns home!
In contrast to Reki's joy, Reiji shows hostility.
Then, on the day he went out with Reki, Reiji coldly pushed Reki away when she returned home in the morning with another man's scent on her.
I hate Alpha, and even though he's just a sex friend, I don't want Reiji to hate me.
What Reki did after putting aside his pride to make up was...

Author’s Information


Series/Label eclair nobel
Released Date Dec 2022
Price ¥908
Size 128mm×182mm
Total Page Number 270 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784434311208
Genre Literature / Novel > Others
Visualization experience NO