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Sai/Ami Koyamada

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Sena, the prince of a small country, has a special organ in his body called the ``Incense Sac'' that allows even men to become pregnant.
When she is in heat, she emits an alluring scent that confuses men, so she lives a life of isolation in a prison, all by herself, to avoid any trouble.

Sena is criticized as a prostitute and is ignored even by her family, but one day her father, the king, suddenly orders her to marry him to Emperor Leskia.
Even though he possesses an incense bag, there has never been a case of a man entering the inner palace, and even if he were to marry her as proof of his subordination to the empire, he might be killed.

Unable to disobey the order, Sena heads to the Leskia Empire with only one attendant.
And the first night with the emperor. What Sena, who was in heat, saw was...

A profound and epic love romance fantasy begins here!

Author’s Information


Series/Label eclair nobel
Released Date Apr 2024
Price ¥1,690
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 528 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784434337048
Genre Literature / Novel > Others
Visualization experience NO