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Onmyouji & Tengugan

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Written By : Yoshiko Utamine

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A "Mononoke" fantasy brought to you by a unique buddy in Hiroshima!
Tomoe City in Hiroshima Prefecture is a town that has existed side by side with strange
things since ancient times.
Misato Miyazawa, a beautiful dark-haired young man with a little history, was hired by
Tomoe City Hall in charge of the Crisis Management Division's Special Disaster Section
(aka Mononoke Trouble Section).
Ryouji Karino is a hot-blooded good looking man with blond hair and green and silver eyes,
who, as a child, was picked up by a man who called himself a tengu in the wilderness and
became a mountain priest.
The two unique young men, who suddenly live together, start to solve the strange
mysteries of the present, while being swamped by the bureaucratic town hall duties.

Author’s Information


Series/Label KOTONOHA Label
Released Date Aug 2020
Price ¥690
Size 105mm×148mm
Total Page Number ---
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784867160435
Category Paperback edtion (general)
Visualization experience NO