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Written By : Uta Shiduki

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Why don't you re-live your memories of the person you love? A story of a high school girl and a white fox on a quest for memories and treasure.
She was told, "Never let go of your hand."
One summer festival night, Yaeko, who did not follow her grandmother's advice, loses her memories of the years she spent in the countryside.
As time went by, Yaeko started to live in a rural town again after her grandmother's death. There she meets a rude man who suddenly appeared.
 "You're missing out on something interesting."
This man, who calls himself Nishina, seems to know something about Yaeko's lost memory. To recover her memories, Yaeko travels around the countryside where she spent time with her grandmother, together with Nishina, who calls himself a fox messenger of the gods.
 When her memories come back, what will happen to Yaeko's emotions remaining in her mind?

Author’s Information


Series/Label KOTONOHA Label
Released Date Oct 2020
Price ¥690
Size 105mm×148mm
Total Page Number ---
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784867160664
Category Paperback edtion (general)
Visualization experience NO