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Here comes “Jigoku-warashi”!

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Written By : Yasushi Tsukamoto

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"If you continue to tell a lie, "Jigoku-warashi" will come and get you." Who is the unknown child, that appeared at lie-loving Usosugi?
Usosugi is a bad boy who lies day in and day out, but he doesn't think it's
wrong at all.
Even when his friends and grandpa scold him, he doesn't even listen,
saying, "Ha-ha, you shouldn't have believed it.
Then, one night, an unknown child appears in the dark of Usosugi's room
and says, "I'm here to judge you."
What is the fate of Usosugi?

Author’s Information


Series/Label Picture Book
Released Date Oct 2020
Price ¥1,350
Size 210mm×297mm
Total Page Number ---
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784867160725
Category Childrens Books/Young Adult
Visualization experience NO