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Helena, the fourth princess of the Kingdom of Patreia, was notorious for being arrogant and short-tempered, earning her the nickname "The Malicious Princess".
She was to marry Arendelle Morel, the margrave of a neighboring country, the Kingdom of Dinos.
This political marriage was akin to her being taken hostage. On their wedding night, Helena made a proposal.
"I would like you to grant me a separate residence, and for you to live with your girlfriend in the main house."
Her calm voice and expression were completely different from the rumors Arendelle had heard about "The Malicious Princess", leaving him bewildered.
In truth, Helena was nothing more than a lonely princess who had given up on everything except her longing for a warm family.
This is the beginning of a wedding love story about "The Malicious Princess" who is shrouded in rumors!

Author’s Information


Series/Label ArianRose
Released Date Jun 2024
Price ¥1,320
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 312 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784866577678
Genre Literature / Novel > Light Novel
Visualization experience NO