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K&M Kikakushitsu Ltd.

The Nantucket Basket Story

Etsuko Yashiro

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Nantucket Baskets, popular among American celebrities, are now becoming a subtle trend in Japan.
Etsuko Yashiro, recognized on Nantucket Island as the only Japanese artisan basket maker, introduces the world of Nantucket Baskets.
This book describes the history of Nantucket and its whaling heritage, the birth and development of the Nantucket Basket, and the beauty that makes these baskets so captivating.
A visual book, full of beautiful photographs by Jin Okutani and charming illustrations by Mari Takeuchi, with English translations, you can read about hidden stories of the popular island resort of Nantucket, as well as the charm of the Nantucket Baskets.
It's perfect for everyone who wants to admire Nantucket Baskets, learn about basket making, and fall in love with this enchanting island.

For those who love Nantucket Baskets

On the East Coast of the United States. South of Boston. A tiny island located 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod.

Whaling brought richness to the island and gave life to baskets.

The Island and Whaling
The Port
The Island
Thoughts from the Sea
Nantucket Island and Japan
The New Nantucket

An artisan craft born from the sea, and raised by the sea.

The Origin of Nantucket Baskets
The Lightships
Decommissioning of the Lightships
The Friendship Basket

The Nantucket Basket

Nantucket Style Accessories
Baskets at Home

The Artisans of the Nantucket Basket

Alan S.W.Reed
Etsuko Yashiro
Nap Plank
Tim Persons, Karol Lindquist
Bill & Judy Sayle, Susan & Karl Ottison
Michael Kane, Kathleen Myers
Lee Ann Papale, Michael J.Vienneau
Jack Fritch, John Silvia

The Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum

Nantucket Basket School


Author’s Information

In 1994, Etsuko Yashiro first encountered baskets on Nantucket Island, and in 1996, first studied under Pat Kane to learn the basics of basket making. After that, Yashiro studied under Alan S.W. Reed, a renowned basket maker on the island . Formally established the “New England Nantucket Basket Association” to promote basket making training in 1999, with classes in Cambridge, Brookline, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles. Yashiro’s works have been continuously exhibited at the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum since 2005, and she has become recognized as an accomplished basket maker. In 2006, she established “GrayMist Enterprise Inc.”, with basket material shops and gifts stores in Cambridge, and Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo. In 2016, the “Japan Nantucket Basket Association”was launched, with the goal of introducing Nantucket Baskets to wider populations in Japan. Today, Etsuko Yashiro lives with her husband outside of Boston, in historic Concord, Massachusetts.

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Released Date Oct 2019
Price ¥2,500
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Total Page Number 80 pages
Color Page Number 80 pages
ISBN 9784909950017
Category Craft and Hobbies/Art/Cook Book
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