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Shonen Shashin Shimbunsha

MUKA MUKA! IKARI HA ABAREN-BOU (disgusting! "Anger" is fractious)

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SASAKI MIO (illustrator)/MATSUMARU MIRAI (supervisor) 

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A much-needed series of pictorial books came, helping cope effectively with your mind, suitable for developing children's social skills!

The first book in this series themed "anger".
It tend to think as the emotion of angry should be hidden or repressed inside, but it's not.
Anger is one of the important feeling for healthy mental development.
Let's learn how to manage for expressing your emotions to someone in a nice way by controlling these to avoid troubles.
"Peace" who keeps the peace of your mind gently tells how to live with the monster of anger "MUKKY" everyone has.

Author’s Information


Series/Label KOKORO-TTE FUSHIGI! (Emotions are marvelous!)
Released Date Oct 2020
Price ¥1,800
Size ---
Total Page Number 32 pages
Color Page Number 32 pages
ISBN 9784879817211
Category Childrens Books/Young Adult
Visualization experience NO