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Shonen Shashin Shimbunsha

WAKU-WAKU! TANOSHII MAINICHI NO TSUKURI-KATA (feeling good! how to make every day exciting)

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SUMIMOTO NANAMI (illustrator)/TANAKA TERUMI (supervisor) 

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A much-needed series of pictorial books came, helping cope effectively with your mind, suitable for developing children's social skills!

The third book of this series themed "self-esteem".
There was a boy with little self confidence feeling jealous of his friends.
One night, he made a wish to be a substitute for the best student in his class, then a god appeared in front of him suddenly.
The god leads him to learn how to be with true-confidence with him, that is the way with the magic to make everyday enjoyable by boosting self confidence with making love yourself more.

Author’s Information


Series/Label KOKORO-TTE FUSHIGI! (Emotions are marvelous!)
Released Date Dec 2020
Price ¥1,800
Size ---
Total Page Number 32 pages
Color Page Number 32 pages
ISBN 9784879817235
Category Childrens Books/Young Adult
Visualization experience NO