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When they come, people die. The first full-length horror-mystery novel by Mizuki Tsujimura!

"There's something wrong with the transfer student in my class."
Mio, the chairperson of the committee, is kind to Kaname, a transfer student who doesn't fit in with the class.
However, Kaname approaches her with a suspicious attitude.
He would suddenly ask, "Can I go to your house today?" or appear around her house.
Mio, who was terrified by Kaname's repeated dangerous behavior, asks for help from Kanbara, a senior who she admires. Kanbara, who is cool and popular in their school, worries about Mio, and they get close to each other rapidly. However, Kanbara's worry escalates, and he begins to denounce her for her poor handling of the situation...
A familiar, nameless malice is growing and approaching.
You can't stop binge-reading!

Chapter 1: Transfer Student
Chapter 2: Neighbors
Chapter 3: Colleagues
Chapter 4: Team Leader
Final Chapter: Family

★Special page of this Book★
 ・Author's handwritten comment
 ・Author's Interview
 ・Interview with Teru Oshima
 ・Trial reading

Author’s Information

Mizuki Tsujimura was born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1980, she made her debut in 2004 with "A school frozen in Time," which won the 31st Mephisto Award. She won the 32nd Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Rookie of the year Award, the 147th Naoki Award, the 15th HONYA Award.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Oct 2021
Price ¥1,700
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 416 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784041117316
Genre Literature / Novel > Mystery
Visualization experience NO