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I can decide my heart

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Miyoko Iwai/Kazue Fujiwara

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Just be honest with my heart
People will be much easier to interact with!

The long-awaited revival of the masterpieces that the times are looking for!

"I can have my good points and abilities recognized."
"I can say'yes'or'no' according to my own feelings, not to the feelings of others."
"I can make a mistake."
"If I change my feelings or thoughts, I can change what I have decided without forcing myself."
"I can stay with me."

What we need now is a way of thinking that both ourselves and the other party value.
Based on the psychological method of assertiveness training, let's think together about how to be more personal in various situations and how to deal with the other person obediently.

Author’s Information


Series/Label ---
Released Date Jun 2020
Price ¥909
Size 148mm×210mm
Total Page Number 112 pages
Color Page Number 112 pages
ISBN 9784847099335
Category Craft and Hobbies/Art/Cook Book
Visualization experience NO