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Toyohisa's Woman Volume 2

Open for Visual Adaption
OMATA Mugiho

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 Finally, the time had come for Ishida Mitsunari and Tokugawa Ieyasu to exchange arms.
 The decisive battle took place at Sekigahara in Mino. Himari is in the battlefield as Toyohisa's horse's mouthpiece. The Shimazu troops, who had become the second reserve, watched the battle unfold, but their allies were all crushed when their generals defected one after another.
The ringleaders of the western army, Ishida Mitsunari and Ukita Hideie, were defeated, and everything around them became enemy forces.
"Return your uncle to Satsuma, but be aware that this is a war against Shimazu!"
 In order to return Shimazu Koreshin to Satsuma, the Shimazu forces dared to break through the enemy. At Karasuzu-zaka, the eastern edge of Sekigahara, Toyohisa and the rest of the Sadoharashu stood their ground.
 Himari, who was ordered to fall in the rain, was led by a mysterious connection related to the Genji Kiso Yoshinaka, and was reunited with Kameju and others. ......
 What is the fate of the Sadohara Shimazu family after the Battle of Sekigahara, and what is the end result of the women's "threads of love" woven together?
 The second volume of a historical novel about the Battle of Sekigahara and the subsequent fate of the women who adored Toyohisa.

Author’s Information

Nagano birth, a creator (novel, essay, songwriting, illustration).
I place the 56th Kodansha juvenile literature rookie of the year title fine work in "a black foal of Satta" and am published. The work is each receiving a prize in JRA Prize Equeraki Culture Award in Matsumoto-shi citizen art prize for encouragement, 2016. Become commercial publication the second work; "let a piano work"; is the 52nd Japanese Association of Writers for Children rookie of the year title in (Kodansha).
I corrected the coterie work which was a chance to want to be a writer and made modifications and published this product again as revised version.

Series/Label ---
Released Date Nov 2020
Price ---
Size 127mm×188mm
Total Page Number 336 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784907425272
Genre Literature / Novel > Historical Fiction
Visualization experience NO