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Bun-Ichi Sogo Shuppan Co.

Tracks and Signs - A Field Guide to Mammals of Japan

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Satoshi Kumagai/Mamoru Yasuda

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The book covers tracks and signs of wild animals living in Japan, such as feeding signs and droppings. It highlights 34 familiar species and gives basic information such as their size, weight, distribution, and habitat. The photos give details of tracks, walking patterns, and other signs for each species, and enables readers to distinguish one species' signs from the other. As for droppings, the author not only explains about their appearances but smell, which are effective information to distinguish species. The book explains how to enjoy the field work, supplying details about where to pay attention, how to keep a record, how to take photographs and more. This book can also be used for a guide book of children's environment education.

Author’s Information

Satoshi Kumagai was born on 1954. He is a cartoonist specialized in study books. He hosts animal-watching tours and lectures, and is also a researcher of Japanese river otter. He has written numerous books including books published from Bun-Ichi Sogo Shuppan.

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Released Date Jan 2011
Price ¥1,800
Size 148mm×210mm
Total Page Number 144 pages
Color Page Number 144 pages
ISBN 9784829911815
Category Craft and Hobbies/Art/Cook Book
Visualization experience NO