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Ao Training: The Training Method of the Aogaku Ekiden Team

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HARA Susumu/NAKANO James Shuichi

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The Aoyama Gakuin University ekiden (long-distance relay race) team has caused a sensation in the world of athletics in Japan, not to mention the world of university ekiden races, due to their incredible speed and strength in the Hakone Ekiden. The source of this strength is an original method called “Ao Training,” which combines the training methods of Hara Susumu, their coach, and the training methods of Nakano James Shuichi, one of the leading physical trainers in Japan who coached Olympic athletes such as table tennis player Ai Fukuhara. The details of this training method are compiled into a volume in this book, which provides detailed explanations of the theories and practical methodologies, while the accompanying DVD features example images of techniques such as core training and dynamic stretches. Having sold 150,000 copies, this is the new primer for Japan’s best-selling long-distance running training textbook for everyone from professional athletes to hobbyist runners.

Author’s Information

Hara Susumu
Born in Hiroshima prefecture on March 8, 1967, he is the Track and Field Head Coach at Aoyama Gakuin University. He began competing in track and field events in junior high school and took up his current post after working as an industry group member and businessperson. He led Aoyama University to its first overall win in the 2015 Hakone Ekiden and achieved a historic feat with three university ekiden victories and three consecutive victories in the Hakone Ekiden in 2017.

Nakano James Shuichi
Born in Nagano Prefecture on August 20, 1971, he is a physical trainer and a health specialist certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. Shuichi is one of the few trainers in Japan who can provide both mental and physical guidance. In addition to being Ai Fukuhara’s personal physical trainer, he has made a great contribution to the activities of other top athletes.

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Released Date Aug 2017
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ISBN 9784198640149
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