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Cheap Japan: Stagnation indicated by "Prices"

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Dyson prices and Disney tickets are among the lowest in the world - Is Japan a "cost-effective country"? This in-depth report by an up-and-coming reporter reveals the current situation in Japan.

Japan's starting salary is less than one-third of Switzerland's," "Japan's Disney park entrance fee is the lowest in the world," "The average income of 12 million yen in Minato-ku is 'low income' in San Francisco," and "Japanese IT workers in their 30s earn less than half of what they do in the United States. ......
At times, reporters cover the current situation of Japan, which is becoming a "cheap" country even from the perspective of emerging economies, from a variety of perspectives, including prices, human resources, and real estate.

Is there no choice but to continue to gradually become a poorer country after the Corona disaster? Is there a way out? The author reports on the current situation through interviews and surveys, and seeks clues to solutions in the opinions of intellectuals.

Author’s Information


Series/Label ---
Released Date Mar 2021
Price ¥850
Size 103mm×182mm
Total Page Number 256 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784532264536
Genre Literature / Novel > Others
Visualization experience NO