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20 years of writing. The first writing tips course taught by an active writer.

Yasushi Furuta

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It is natural to be able to write 5W1H. What should be done to go beyond a cursory interview and get words that even the interviewee was unaware of? What is the role of the editor and photographer who accompany the interview? Yasushi Furuta, who knows the writing business inside and out, explains the professional know-how that can be used for both creative writing and nonfiction, including how to use a four-fold memo to organize prior knowledge and an interview notebook. He also explains how to be curious, relax your partner, be aware of your readers, don't be an expert, drink the tea you are offered, take a nodding man with you, and many other examples of successes and failures.

Table of Contents
Part I. Writing Lecture No. 1 "Tips for Interviewing and Composition"
What is a Writer (Personal Definition)
What is a Writer (Today's Definition)
Good at" and "Specialty" in moderation
Anyone can just write
Recommendations for Interviews
Recommendations for Improving Your Interviewing Skills
Interviewing is purchasing
How to decide what to purchase
Decide on the purchasing policy based on the "Who" of the person who does not appear in the manuscript
When "I," the interviewer/writer, appear in the text
When the interviewer appears in the text as "I
When the first person does not appear in the text
In the case of creative writing
Examples of first person in a manuscript
How we prepare for the interview
Reasons to use folded notes
Interviewing with a Difference
The road to the "other side of interviewing" starts here

Author’s Information

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1969. Graduated from Nagoya University, Faculty of Engineering. Writer. Started his career as a writer in 1995. He has written for more than 30 magazines of all genres, from "Sumo" to "Rumor's Truth" and "Science for Adults," as well as about 100 books, new books, electronic books, and mooks. He also appears on the web, in advertisements, flyers, pamphlets, fortune-telling apps, museum descriptions, and anywhere there is a written word. His books include "A Country Made of Albatross Dung" (Aspect Bunko).

Series/Label Japan Independent Writers' Union Seminar Proceedings
Released Date Jul 2015
Price ¥900
Size 148mm×210mm
Total Page Number 64 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784862392961
Genre Nonfiction / Humanities > Documentary
Visualization experience NO