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Learn Psychology with Manga

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Why do you think so? Why do you act like that? The human heart is truly full of mysteries, both your own and others. For those who want to understand even a little, this book describes the basics of psychology intriguingly with familiar examples.

Psychology is a study of workings of the mind by observing human behavior and analyzing the reasons and causes of those behaviors.
It means to study the mind scientifically. It is an essential stud for knowing yourself better and avoiding many problems in your interpersonal relationships. This book describes the history of psychology, its types, and how to used around us.

Author’s Information

Based on the policy of "creating good quality and interesting things that move people's hearts", they are involved in content planning and various productions that are playful. He specializes in color psychology and cognitive psychology, and is also engaged in product development and corporate consulting using psychology.

His books include “Fun Psychology of Colors Learned from Manga”, “Fun Psychology of Colors Learned from Manga 2”, “Psychology Learned from Manga”, “Psychology of Human Relationships Learned from Manga”, “Psychology of Love Learned from Manga”, “Manga Understanding Game Theory” “Science of Design” (Science I Shinsho)

Series/Label ---
Released Date Jun 2008
Price ¥952
Size 103mm×182mm
Total Page Number 208 pages
Color Page Number ---
ISBN 9784797347708
Category Language Studies/Study Aids/Dictionary
Visualization experience NO